Meat Rabbit Breeders List
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This list is a result of receiving numerous requests for meat rabbit breeder information. Everyone here has indicated that they are interested in selling breeding stock to the backyard breeder. Any non-meat breeds of a specific meat breeder are written with a smaller font. Worldwide listings are encouraged. This list is a free service and there are no guarantees for any given breeder. Breeders' names in green have indicated that they will ship stock to the buyer. If you know of any errors, please let me know. I try to keep the list up-to-date, but not everyone informs me if or when their information changes. Please know that the sources of all the information contained in this listing are the breeders themselves.  Unlike other breeder listings, I do not plagiarize from elsewhereThis list is copyright 2005-2015 and cannot be reproduced in any form without permission.

If you are a meat rabbit breeder and wish to be included, please e-mail me as much of the following as you wish: your and your rabbitry's name (if applicable), address (at least city & state), phone number (optional), e-mail address, URL (if applicable, reciprocal link to Rudolph's Rabbit Ranch greatly appreciated), list of breeds (may include non-meat breeds, too), and whether you ship. Be sure your breed(s) qualify you for inclusion before emailing. Remember: breeder listings are absolutely free. Note: After you are listed, please help me keep your listing up to date. E-mail me with changes, and especially if or when you cease breeding rabbits. Thank you.

Looking for breeding stock? Please also consult Choosing the Right Breed and Purchasing Tips.

Though not really the purpose of this list, pet owners who feed the BARF/raw-feeding diet have found this list helpful in locating food for their animals.

If, after trying the steps listed above, you still cannot find breeding stock near you, try placing a classified ad (available as long as it is not abused).
Breeders: Feel free to paruse ads for new customers.
Make your selection to find breeding stock in your country.
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